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What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel engines can often produce an abundance of nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide. These gases may contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain in the atmosphere, thereby hurting the environment. Fortunately, diesel exhaust fluid can mitigate this harmful problem.
Diesel exhaust fluid is a solution that is comprised of urea, an organic compound and deionized water. This solution is typically placed in a different tank than the tank for diesel fuel.

What It Is Used For

The diesel exhaust fluid is commonly sprayed, via a technological process, into the part of the engine where the potentially harmful exhaust fumes exit. The chemicals in the diesel exhaust fluid can turn the dangerous gases to nitrogen and water, which are basically harmless.

The Benefits of Diesel Exhaust Fluid

By reducing the harmful effects of diesel exhaust gases, diesel exhaust fluid can be extremely beneficial to the environment. Furthermore, it is law that diesel vehicles which have been manufactured in 2010 and later must have diesel exhaust fluid technology. Additionally, these vehicles should not work without the fluid. The use of diesel exhaust fluid usually does not affect the performance of the vehicles.
With diesel exhaust fluid, vehicles that use diesel engines do not need to negatively impact the environment. As a result, everyone can have access to clean, healthy air. For more information about diesel exhaust fluid, call Paul Murray Oil at 904-353-1411.