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Signs Your Big Rig Needs an Oil Change

Changing the oil in your big rig is an important maintenance routine to keep the vehicle running smooth and to extend the life of the engine. Simply waiting to do the oil change based on the mileage of the vehicle could be a mistake. Instead, here are a few signs to look for that indicates it is time to change out the oil.

Check Engine Light

In some vehicles, the check engine light will turn on when the car needs fresh oil. If that light does turn on in your car and you cannot remember the last time you had an oil change done, it might be a good idea to try that first.

Low Oil Levels

It is a good idea to be in the habit of regularly checking the oil in your big rig. If there are low oil levels or if the oil is dirty, that is an indication that an oil change is needed.

Loud Engine

The oil in a vehicle is what lubricates the engine. If your engine is becoming excessively loud or you hear knocking noises while it is running, some fresh lubrication can help resolve those noises.
Regular oil changes are important for extending the life of your big rig. Call Paul Murray Oil at 904-353-1411 for more information regarding signs that indicate the need for an oil change.