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Evaluating the Value of a Keep-Full Fuel Service or Contract

Keep-full Service
Many gas, oil, and other fueling services offer a Keep Full service. However, these services aren't always the same between companies. A Keep Full service can make all the difference between you having the fuel you need and going without until the next scheduled delivery. Understanding Keep Full services can help you make a more informed decision when choosing a fuel provider for your home or business.
What Does Keep-Full Service Mean?
Ideally, a Keep Full service does precisely what the name implies. It keeps your tank full and topped off at all times. This service will ensure you never run out of fuel, and it helps you to have greater peace of mind. How it works can vary from place to place.
For example, one place may have a set route specifically for those on its Keep Full list. Their service truck will go along that route once a week or in some other regular interval. The truck will top off fuel as it goes.
Other companies will add your business or residence to its delivery driver's regular route. Whenever the driver goes to do his normal job, he or she will also stop to fill your tank.
Some companies even rely on computer estimations for their Keep Full service. The computer will estimate usage and automatically send out a truck to refill a tank based on that estimation.
Then there are companies that simply come out once a month to top off your tank. If you get close to empty before the scheduled visit, you will have to call. That arrangement often falls under the category of a Keep Full/will-call service.
Does Keep-Full Service Cost More?
Keep Full service can come in a number of different configurations. You can find standalone Keep Full services, but these services work best when they're part of a larger service offering. Many service contracts will also include a Keep Full fuel service of some sort as well. In addition to the Keep Full service, you may also receive:
  • Discounts on overall service
  • Priority delivery
  • Optional payment plans
  • Pre-purchase programs
When the Keep Full service exists as just one service out of many, then the price is either negligible or practically free.
Nevertheless, many companies charge for the gas or oil that goes into the tank as part of the Keep Full service. Alternatively, what goes into the tank may come off your allotted amount of gas or oil per pay period. In this case, the service represents a convenience, since you're still only receiving the fuel you paid for or will pay for.
A good option for a dedicated Keep Full service is one that charges a discounted rate for the extra fuel. No matter what, you'll have to weigh your overall fuel needs when choosing this service.
Is a Keep-Full Service All You Need?
For residential customers, a Keep Full service can go a long way toward keeping the home warm with no worries. Does your business rely on having a ready supply of fuel? A Keep Full service can spare you any downtime or problems that come from not having enough fuel.
Also, commercial customers may consider it more beneficial to use a Keep Full service tied into a full fuel-delivery program. When evaluating a fuel-delivery program, ask if it comes with a Keep Full service. If one isn't included, ask the fuel provider if they offer it separately.
At Paul Murray Oil, Inc., we offer a wide array of fueling services, as well as a Keep Full fuel program. To learn more about what we offer, contact us today.