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4 Benefits Fleet Fuel Services Can Offer Your Company

A transportation company, a construction firm and an agricultural plant might not have much in common when it comes to day-to-day operations. However, one commonality is the need for fuel. Even if you don't operate within these industries, if you rely on a fleet of vehicles or equipment, access to fuel is critical.

Fleet fueling services can meet this demand while also extending a handful of additional benefits. Learn how fleet fueling services can enhance your business.
Around-the-Clock Service
Fleet fueling service providers work based on your needs. If your fuel demands don't meet a traditional nine-to-five workday schedule, you don't have to worry about your needs going unanswered. Fleet distributors can meet your fuel demands, even if this involves overnight fueling.

One critical benefit this level of accessibility affords any business is that it ensures your employees are ready for work at the start of the day. With this type of service, you can pre-plan to have your equipment refueled at the end of the previous workday or at the beginning of the current day.

In addition to improving efficiency, in the event an issue arises during refueling, overnight service gives you more time to address and resolve the problem before the day begins.
Reduced Labor Costs
Labor expenses can account for 60 percent of a company's total operating costs. The ability to manage expenses in this area will prove critical to any business. Fleet fueling services work toward managing and lowering your labor costs by focusing on productivity.

For example, consider a construction site. All work on a project could come to a halt when the fuel-based equipment the company relies on runs out of fuel. While everyone waits for a crew member to secure fuel, the payroll clock will continue to tick. In this instance, the company has to pay employees who aren't able to work, and if the workday extends beyond regular hours, overtime costs could result.

Fleet fueling services ensure your fuel-based equipment is ready for the demands of the day, and in the event of a low-fuel concern, your fueling service will deliver fuel to you, keeping your team productive.
Decreased Safety Concerns
On-site fuel storage seems like a good idea in theory, but it comes with several serious safety concerns. A storage mishap that leads to a spill can cause property damage. A spill also puts the safety of your employees at risk, and the community surrounding your business could be in danger too.

To ensure the safety of the community and the environment, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for Broward County also has clear guidelines that limit the amount of fuel you can store on-site. Failure to comply with these guidelines introduces additional safety concerns and can be costly due to fines.

Fuel distributors work to eliminate these risks by reducing your need to store excess fuel on site.
Improved Equipment Operation
Next to the hard work of your employees, properly functioning equipment is at the foundation of the success of your business. However, choosing the incorrect fuel application for your equipment can lead to costly and time-delaying malfunctions.

Fuel-servicing companies are more than just delivery professionals, but they are also knowledgeable about the different types of fuel formulas and what kind of equipment they best pair with. Access to this level of skill will help lower the risk of a malfunction that brings your efforts to a halt.

In addition to proper function, these professionals can also help with selecting fuel choices that will improve the efficiency level at which your equipment operates. Overall, fuel distributors can enhance the operation of your equipment.

For both small and large businesses alike, Paul Murray Oil, Inc., can meet your fleet fueling demands and help your company function better. Contact us so that we can work with you to develop the best fueling plan for your needs.