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3 Benefits of On-Site Fueling Services for Construction Sites

On-Site Fueling Service
Fuel maintenance can eat up a lot of time, resources, and energy. An on-site fueling service can alleviate your fueling concerns and free up personnel to handle other duties on the site. Here are just some of the benefits an on-site fueling service can provide for you and your business.
1. Tighten Control Over Fuel Inventory and Security
Fuel theft is a real thing that can plague any operation requiring frequent fuel runs. You risk your fuel when you giving someone authority over fueling duties. An employee or non-dedicated third party can siphon off fuel or outright steal it.
The opposite situation can also give you issues. An employee or inexperienced hand can accidentally purchase more fuel than you routinely need. Fraud can also come into play as well if someone is purposefully buying excess fuel that never makes it back to the site.
You should place trust in those who work for you, but if you start to notice some fuel shrinkage over time, you can have a problem. On-site fuel delivery mitigates these types of accidents and activities. Delivery comes with a guaranteed amount of fuel delivered only to equipment you authorize.
2. Increase Overall Efficiency and Productivity
On-site delivery means you get your equipment fueled where you are and when you want. Your equipment will have what it needs and is ready to go without downtime. For example, overnight fueling will have your equipment ready to go when operations resume in the morning.
Contrast that with waiting in the morning for your people to fuel up equipment or drive off to fuel up. If you have a congested construction site, those morning activities can take up large chunks of billable time.
3. Save Time and Money in Various Ways
An increase in efficiency and productivity also comes with savings on both time and money. However, on-site fueling can save you money in many more ways.
Cut Back on Mileage If You're Fueling Vehicles
Do you have drivers going offsite to fuel up or procure fuel for the site? You can remove that extra gas expenditure as well as the labor costs associated with getting your fuel offsite.
Eliminate the Need for On-Site Fuel Storage
On-site fuel storage can make sense for some operations, but you take on a lot of extra costs if you choose to do so. You don't just pay for the equipment needed to use fuel storage vessels, but you also sacrifice space. The space fuel storage takes up can become a hindrance to your operations.
Both on-site and offsite fuel storage comes with liability considerations. You will have to pay to insure against the risks of on-site fuel. When you have the fuel conveniently delivered to your site, you don't have to worry about the extra regulations and insurance costs.
Storage on-site also means personnel on-site who have to take time out to refuel. Too much of this and you will lose money on labor, which adds up over time. As a bonus, your site will be much safer without bulk fuel supplies.
Lock in Your Fuel Costs
Offsite fuel is subject to fluctuating fuel costs, but an on-site fueling service can give you more control over those costs. In addition, an on-site service also allows you to monitor your fuel usage more. You will know exactly what you're paying for and can use the data to paint a clearer picture of your fuel management needs.
On-site fueling services can do a lot for your current and future sites. Contract with a reputable service to experience long-term benefits for your business and peace of mind. Paul Murray Oil, Inc., provides professional on-site fueling and other fueling services, including emergency fueling. To learn more, contact us today.